Karaoke, Ram-Wong, Live Show Bands


"Ram Wong," originated during the Field Marshal Pibulsongkram’s administration. It is a type of dance invented by the villagers in the central region Thailand, from such provinces as Saraburi, Ang Thong and Chainat, during the period after harvesting the rice in order to relax and heal themselves from exhaustion caused by intense work in the farm. It was originally called "Tone Dance" because it relied on an instrument like "Tone" to give a slow tempo. The original Ram wong songs were mostly short songs that  were played over and over again, such as Lamilila and Ngamsaengtian, etc. Later, when Field Marshal Pibulsongkram saw the dance, he adapted it by adding Thai traditional dance standards to the vernacular repertoire, thus transforming it into what has been known as “Retro Ram Wong'' in the present


In the past, the "Tone Dance" had focused on partnered dances, but when adjusted, it became a type of circle dance where many people dance and walk simultaneously in a circular formation. Additionally, when the leaders of Thailand visited neighboring countries, after the meetings were over, there were Ram Wong dances for them to entertain themselves and to promote good relationships. This made the "Ram Wong" unique to Thai people in terms of spreading cultures to other countries and was also an activity that was part of the promotion of civil servants. 


Towards the end of the administration of Field Marshal Por Pibulsongkram and at the beginning of the era of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, the Ram Wong activity began to disappear until it has been rehabilitated in recent years. Presently, it has been well received by the general public and recognized for its benefits for health and exercise as well as for preservation of the Thai dance culture for the younger generations.
You can download the list and contact details of the karaoke bands, ram-wong bands and live bands in Suphanburi Province (Thai Version) in the attachment below.