Applied Khan

Ban Don Kha is a village famous for the applied Khan; bamboo mouth organ, with more than ten bands. The Pu Band is the first band established in Don Kha Subdistrict by the abbot to celebrate the rice-drying terraces around 1987, with two drums, cymbals, and krub. Later, it became popular in the village and began to incorporate international music into play, thus creating the birthplace of the Ban Don Kha band. Thereafter, other groups quickly emerged such as Super Idiot Band, Ban Na Khan Sound Band, Top Hit Band, Diamond Don Kha Band, Khan Player Band, Love of Country Music Band, Luk Thing Rungthiwa Band, Petch Palang Noom Band, Petchpokaram Band, Sakowarat Band, Petchsiangthing Band, Paradise Band, Music Gang Band, Sitthichai Band, and Tae Wong OK 91 Band, etc.

You can download the list and contact details of the Applied Khan bands in Suphanburi Province (Thai Version) in the attachment below.