Li Kay (Thai Traditional Dramatic Performance)

Likay is a performance that involves many  performing talents  in singing, dancing, and speaking with the Pi Phat instruments for fun. Fast, funny, funny The song used for the story is called Rajnigeling. The plot is always fun, reaching the audience's emotions by acting roles. Allure with beautiful costumes that are unique to Likay.


Mr.Anukul Rojanasooksomboon (Li Kay Researcher) mentioned Likay in Thailand in the "Maekhong-Salween Civilization Studies Journal" that ...


Likay comes from the guest's wedding since the reign of King Rama V and adjusted from the chanting of the guest to the Likay by mixing the styles of drama, singing and negotiation.First performed at Vik Chao Phraya Petchpranee called "Likay IX" costume imitating a nobleman, silver jewelry. Later, Khru Dokdin Suea-Sa-nga came up with the first Ranikeling song by laying the foundations of Thai Likay, which the performers still use all men. Until the era of Teacher Homhuang Naksiri, who was a student, had thought of Ranikeling songs longer and easier than before until it was a pattern until now. That era began with male and female performances and invited teachers from the royal family. (Royal drama) to teach Likay dance Later, Likay had to compete with the country music and the band, causing the Likay to be modernized, enlarged the stage, called the "Sky Stage", the sound machine was as loud as the Luk Thung band, becoming a Likay concert. Likewise, the show has been recorded on TV around 1957 and broadcasted on radio, video, VCD and broadcast on cable TV respectively. Until entering the online social network, Facebook makes the development of Likay to be awake and incontinent. Even the costumes from the original diamond have evolved into crystals until the birth of artists, celebrities, performers, Likay and country singers, which is a trend that has made the popularity of Likay more widely.

You can download the list and contact details of the Li Kay bands in Suphanburi Province (Thai Version) in the attachment below.