Phi Phat Band

Suphanburi Province is also a source of the Mon Pi Phat music, with artists who both define themselves as amateur musicians and who play music for fun and a career and as professionals. The professionals are composed of solo artists,  part of family groups, and those who perform as part of a group and independently. Most of these artists live in groups throughout Muang, Bang Plama, Sam Chuk, U Thong District, Sri Prachan, and Dan Chang districts, etc.


Kanarat Buathong (2007) researched preliminary information about of the musical artist in Suphanburi, especially in Muang District, and found that there were nineteen Pi Phat bands -- four of those were direct descendants of the Narongsilpa Band: Buathong Band, Khachonmophan Band, Kamnan Sawang Band, and Somkhuan Buathong Band, and 15 other bands that have been derived from other schools.  Additionally, there are forty-one bands of Mon Pi Phat located in different districts, thus making the total number of Mon Pi Phat bands in Suphanburi 60 altogether. The list of Mon Pi Phat bangs,  only in Muang District, is attached below.


Generally, the play of Mon Pi Phat can be found at funeral ceremonies, where the use of Mon Pi Phat has been popular since the past, as it has been recorded in the Thai Music Book of Life, “originally, Mon Pi Phat was not popular until in the reign of King Rama V when the King graciously ordered the use of Mon Pi Phat in the royal funeral ceremony of the Queen. But it only became popular among the general public when Luang Pradit Phaira began to make  Mon Pi Phat bands perform for the general audience during the reign of King Rama VI, where he studied Mon songs from Kru Soom Charoendontri and later passed his knowledge onto a large number of students (Department of Academic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Music in Thai Way of Life. (Bangkok: 2002), page 15).

You can download the list and contact details of the Pi Phat bands in Suphanburi Province (Thai Version) in the attachment below.