Folk Music


Suphanburi is located in the central plains of the Chaophraya River. The province  is composed of large rice fields where folk plays are related to the daily life of farmers, including Ban Rai dances, Yhoei songs, Puangmalai songs, Choi songs, and Boat songs, etc. Suphanburi people are avid folk musicians. Suphan has two annual music festivals, the Buddha Worshiping Festival in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar and  the Buddha Worshiping Festival in the fifth month of the lunar calendar at Wat Pa Lelai. It has been known among musicians throughout the central region in the past that the Buddha Worshiping Festival in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar was a big stage for the Song of the Fields. On the day of the event, musicians from all over the place travelled to the event by boat which they parked at the pier in front of Wat Pratu San, the first location of the Song Contest beginning with Boat songs, and stayed there until late at night then went on land and walked to Wat Pa Lelai to pay homage to Luang Pho To. From there, the musicians gathered under the Bodhi Tree in the courtyard of Wat Na Viharn and competed until dawn; the most popular songs playing at this event were Puangmalai, E-saew and Boat songs.

It continues to focus on the role of important music teachers, such as Mae Kwanchit Sriprachan, legendary of E-Saew singer, who has continuously displayed the real wit and creativity in the creation of the lyrics that it has become widely received and loved by music listeners throughout the country. Additionally, she has created activities for the future generations to preserve the E-Saew songs, while also assuming the position of President of the Central Folk Music Association of Thailand.


Mae Kwanchit Sriprachan


You can download the list and contact details of the folk music bands in Suphanburi Province (Thai Version) in the attachment below.